Tuesday, 21 July 2015


So I decided to start blogging. Hello everyone.

My name is Mona (or Muna if you like. You can call me Miss Naj ;]) I'm Omani (particularly from Dhofar, south of Oman). I'm a native speaker of Arabic. I was born and raised in Oman. I've been here in Oman for 26 years minus 70 days (spent those 70 days in 4 countries and outer space).

I love Humanity, but I'm not really a people person. I judge you by two things; 1) how judgemental you are, 2) do you hurt others or not. My revelations descend from my heart, which is the judge (brain is the jury?)

I thought that I had to start blogging because I probably have something to say? I don't know what I'm going to write in the future but I guess I'll try to be myself and speak up my mind (as much as possible?)

Ok I think that's the main reason I thought about blogging; trying to be myself by blogging? I respect those who try to be themselves because y'know it's hard to be yourself. Be yourself is one of the best pieces of advice I've ever heard but it's probably one of the hardest to do. Be yourself, and expect others to judge you.

You may not find my blog very informative, but just enjoy it, as I am trying to have fun writing.

For your information, I have published a 70-thousand-word novel in Arabic. I wrote it when I was 19-20 but for some reasons it took me so long to get it published. I'm currently working on another novel, that hopefully will be my second published novel.

Last thing I want to say in my first post: I don't really know why I feel more comfortable writing in English.

Take care everyone.

Miss Naj