Wednesday, 30 September 2015

I love Burqa, I love Burqa Not, I love Burqa,

I love Burqa Not.


'Burqa Avenger'. It reminds me of my 'online' self.

Just a quick post. First I have to say that when I talk about Burqa please keep in mind that what I mean is what you know as Niqab. In Dhofar Niqab is called Burqa.

I used to hate Burqa so much because it manifests women oppression in Dhofar just like any other place in the Muslim world. Actually I'm still not a big fan of it even though I still wear it. However, a few years ago I would attack burqa so viciously, but now I would kind of ignore it and I wouldn't think of it as a real issue (in the time being). My thoughts have changed about it for a few reasons.

I think I realized that it can be a superficial issue compared to the other Arab/Muslim women issues. Burqa is definitely not the real/big problem we women face in this part of the world; the real problem lies in the mindsets of women and men in this society; their inability to value and trust women/themselves. A woman should be able to choose whether to wear it or not. Burqa, to me, still manifests women oppression in Dhofar, but at the same time I don't believe it is a serious issue at the moment. I don't think we need to tell women to take off their burqa; what we need is a change in the way women are perceived and treated in general, and the way women think of themselves.

I don't really think it is that bad, except when it comes to the fact that sometimes I feel like I'm suffocated and not getting enough oxygen when I'm wearing it? It is just a piece of cloth after all. It won't kill you; it won't really harm anyone. Burqa is nothing like polygamy and FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and so on.

I'm not a loyal burqa wearer. I just wear it because:

1. I'm Dhofari and this is what I'm expected to do as a Dhofari girl of full Dhofari parents.
2. I'm always not in the mood for arguments with my family lol. I prefer to argue only when I'm forced to do something that would have an impact on my destiny. Burqa? I can put up with that!
3. Dhofar is still a very conservative society and the mindsets are changing too slow. It won't be a good idea to discuss anything and everything related to the Dhofari traditions and social norms.

I decided to publish a new post today because I miss blogging.

Take care everyone.
Miss Naj