Friday, 27 January 2017

Let me use it again!

I started learning the Korean language on January 7, 2017.
I want to use it again!
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Yeah I know, it does seem like I really don't know what I should do with my life *laughs* I focused on Japanese because I was planning to do a master's degree in Japan, but that plan didn't work out till now. All of a sudden I decided to learn Korean because I thought I should start trying to pursue my higher studies there as well lol. It all started with a conversation with the Embassy of Oman in Korea ^^

So how is it going with me so far? I love learning languages, and learning Korean is fun of course. However, as a native speaker of Arabic, I expected to face some difficulty learning the Korean vowels. Arabic has a very simple set of vowels. Vowels in Japanese are even easier than Korean vowels. I think I'm doing fine with the vowels now though.

It's fortunate that I don't have to memorize Kanji/hanja while studying Korean, but on the other hand it's unfortunate that I actually have to memorize how some words are pronounced in Korean (just like English). However, I think I can make progress in Korean faster than Japanese. I've always been worried about how I can memorize more Kanji than what I already know. I don't have a good enviornment for studying kanji. Maybe I'm not making enough sense but that's just how I feel. I feel that my Korean is going to improve faster than Japanese in my current situation.

Korean sounds like a whole new language to me because I haven't been exposed to it enough. I will do my best though ^^ Generally the grammar sounds like Japanese, and I could recognize many words borrowed from Japanese. I feel that the Korean grammar will be a bit more challenging than Japanese, but again, I wI'll do my best.

I will work hard, but I hope that I will manage to do something new with my passport.

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