Wednesday, 30 September 2015

I love Burqa, I love Burqa Not, I love Burqa,

I love Burqa Not.


'Burqa Avenger'. It reminds me of my 'online' self.

Just a quick post. First I have to say that when I talk about Burqa please keep in mind that what I mean is what you know as Niqab. In Dhofar Niqab is called Burqa.

I used to hate Burqa so much because it manifests women oppression in Dhofar just like any other place in the Muslim world. Actually I'm still not a big fan of it even though I still wear it. However, a few years ago I would attack burqa so viciously, but now I would kind of ignore it and I wouldn't think of it as a real issue (in the time being). My thoughts have changed about it for a few reasons.

I think I realized that it can be a superficial issue compared to the other Arab/Muslim women issues. Burqa is definitely not the real/big problem we women face in this part of the world; the real problem lies in the mindsets of women and men in this society; their inability to value and trust women/themselves. A woman should be able to choose whether to wear it or not. Burqa, to me, still manifests women oppression in Dhofar, but at the same time I don't believe it is a serious issue at the moment. I don't think we need to tell women to take off their burqa; what we need is a change in the way women are perceived and treated in general, and the way women think of themselves.

I don't really think it is that bad, except when it comes to the fact that sometimes I feel like I'm suffocated and not getting enough oxygen when I'm wearing it? It is just a piece of cloth after all. It won't kill you; it won't really harm anyone. Burqa is nothing like polygamy and FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and so on.

I'm not a loyal burqa wearer. I just wear it because:

1. I'm Dhofari and this is what I'm expected to do as a Dhofari girl of full Dhofari parents.
2. I'm always not in the mood for arguments with my family lol. I prefer to argue only when I'm forced to do something that would have an impact on my destiny. Burqa? I can put up with that!
3. Dhofar is still a very conservative society and the mindsets are changing too slow. It won't be a good idea to discuss anything and everything related to the Dhofari traditions and social norms.

I decided to publish a new post today because I miss blogging.

Take care everyone.
Miss Naj

Tuesday, 21 July 2015


So I decided to start blogging. Hello everyone.

My name is Mona (or Muna if you like. You can call me Miss Naj ;]) I'm Omani (particularly from Dhofar, south of Oman). I'm a native speaker of Arabic. I was born and raised in Oman. I've been here in Oman for 26 years minus 70 days (spent those 70 days in 4 countries and outer space).

I love Humanity, but I'm not really a people person. I judge you by two things; 1) how judgemental you are, 2) do you hurt others or not. My revelations descend from my heart, which is the judge (brain is the jury?)

I thought that I had to start blogging because I probably have something to say? I don't know what I'm going to write in the future but I guess I'll try to be myself and speak up my mind (as much as possible?)

Ok I think that's the main reason I thought about blogging; trying to be myself by blogging? I respect those who try to be themselves because y'know it's hard to be yourself. Be yourself is one of the best pieces of advice I've ever heard but it's probably one of the hardest to do. Be yourself, and expect others to judge you.

You may not find my blog very informative, but just enjoy it, as I am trying to have fun writing.

For your information, I have published a 70-thousand-word novel in Arabic. I wrote it when I was 19-20 but for some reasons it took me so long to get it published. I'm currently working on another novel, that hopefully will be my second published novel.

Last thing I want to say in my first post: I don't really know why I feel more comfortable writing in English.

Take care everyone.

Miss Naj