Sunday, 12 February 2017

Don't pray for me like that.. Pray for me like this!

You can't guess the facial expression of the
Mona Lisa under the burqa.
- Photo ripped off from unknown
Your prayers are NOT ALWAYS appreciated *frowns* 

One of the reasons why I hate to go to social gatherigs is the old and middle-aged ladies who always pray for me when they see me, "May Allah make you happy!" If you were a lady in Salalah (Dhofar, south of Oman), you would know that what 'happy' means is actually 'married'.

I have been hearing this prayer ever since I was 20 yo. I used to accept it when I hear them pray for me, but you know, happiness is not all about getting married. I believed so deep inside, but when I got older and became more aware of the social status of women in my extremely patriarchal society, how do you expect me to like that? I know they have good  intentions but I hated how they collectively think that the importance of a woman's life is only about getting married.

It is all up to me if I decide to let my life revolve around my future brynse (suddenly I became too shy to say 'prince'), but honestly the more I hear that prayer the more I hate the idea of getting married. I grew up into a woman with an opinion; I can't simply let things happen to me for the sake of satisfying what is socially expected from me.

I'm 27 yo and there are many girls who got married right after high school. It is not the norm but it is not uncommon either. I kind of feel sorry for these girls. But, ahem, I also feel sorry for myself hahaha. I feel sorry for myself for having such a pathetic life, struggling for my principles when it is really hard to stand up for yourself. I mean, I really think I was born in the wrong time and wrong place. It's hard to live so many years alone, waiting for the 'right one' who probably doesn't exist in the first thousands of miles around you. It's harder if you don't even have friends -_-  I really don't think I'm being stubborn; I think I'm being realistic, but my reality happened to be tough. Anyways, 27 is not too late for me, but it's just started getting late.

In conclusion of this post, I would like to say that if you ever decided to pray for me, please don't pray for me like "may Allah make you happy," pray for me like this:

Mona, hold yourself together and keep going. Things will get better for you sooner or later.

I'd appreciate something like that ^^;;


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